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Sensei Tom with Jun Shihan Toshihide Sawahira

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Of course all Seido karate programs are our friends - more, our family! But there are a few where I've had special opportunities to visit and train:

  • Thousand Waves Seido Karate, Jun Shihan Nancy Lanoue and Kyoshi Sarah Ludden's wonderful school in Chicago.
  • Aichi Seido Karate, Nagoya, Japan. Jun Shihan Toshihide Sawahira and his students welcomed Seido members from all over the world to Nagoya for their tournaments in 2007 and 2012. I'm so fortunate to have been able to attend them.
  • Kansai Seido, Osaka, Japan, Senpai Toshiyuki Kuwa and his family and wonderful students welcomed me most graciously when I spent spring of 2007 in Japan. Thanks to them I had the unique opportunity to not just train, but to teach karate in Japan.

(I hope to keep adding to this list!)

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