CSK News

New schedule starts June 1! Try our youth/family class or our adult/teen class for free.

CSK News

New schedule starts June 1! Try our youth/family class or our adult/teen class for free.

Training Fees

We offer a drop-in rate (recommended for those training once a week) or monthly rates. Our monthly rates have deep family discounts!

Drop-in rate

  • $16/class

Monthly subscription

  • Individual: $92/month
  • 2 family members: $122
  • 3 familiy members: $152

Family discount applies to students in the same household

No long-term contracts, no high-pressure sales.

Sliding scale available. I do not want to turn away dedicated students for financial reasons; if you sincerely want to train with us but cannot afford to do so, we will make arrangements.

Other Costs

Training fees do not include additional expenses, such as:

  • Purchase of a uniform ("gi"). I suggest that new students - especially kids - wait a few weeks and see if interest continues before purchasing a gi; you can train in a t-shirt and sweatpants at first.

    More information on buying and caring for a karate gi.

  • For summer training, please purchase one of our Catonsville Seido Karate t-shirt designs.
  • World Seido Karate Organization membership. $20/year, 3 years for $40. Must be a member before taking promotion; again, I suggest new students wait a bit.
  • Seido Karate patches for the gi. Buy a set when you join the organization. $25 for a pair. Patches last a long time, they will likely outlast your gi and can be transferred to a new one.
  • Promotion fees. Promotion exams are held at the Howard County YMCA Seido Karate Program. For students below green belt, the fee is $35. Your first few promotion exams might be at three to six month intervals; they get further apart as you go on. (Black belt promotions are held at our headquarters in New York and are more expensive - but it's a little early to worry about that...)
  • Sparring safety gear. You don't have to worry about buying this until you reach green belt, typically a year to eighteen months of training.
  • Books. Not a mandatory purchase, but I recommend Kaicho Nakamura's "textbook" Karate Kyohan, and his autobiography The Human Face of Karate to all students. Both are available at the Seido on-line store. (We have a dojo copy of Human Face of Karate for lending.) Kaicho's older book Karate: Technique and Spirit is also recommended.

    Outside of Seido, other suggested reading includes Gichin Funakoshi's autobiography Karate-do: My Way of Life, and Eugen Herrigel's famous Zen in the Art of Archery. If you keep training you might find yourself collecting martial arts books - it can become an expensive habit!

Contact us now to start your karate journey!
Catonsville Seido Karate is an authorizized branch of the World Seido Karate Organization.